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"This area of the red sea is unmatched to another and it  meets each and everyones taste , from small tropical islands with crystal clear waters to dolphin encounters in satayah & a diversity of pristine coral reefs"


                                                                                       Your Imagination is just the Limit

The Hamata (LAHAMI bay) area


The area is extremely rich in terms of biodiversity ,bird migrations, marine life ,  healthy corals , guaranteed dolphin encounters , tropical islands and wrecks , all  are accessible all YEAR AROUND.


We will use Satayah (dolphin house) as main mooring area , together with Abu  galawa reef (wreck) and the 4 islands of Hamata.  


Those areas are perfect for all activities in addition comfortable mooring as they  all have huge sheltered lagoons.


On daily basis we will use our zodiac to discover further reefs then returning back

to our boat.


A jewel on our crown!!

Around 3 hours sailing from the port & you find yourself inside a 6km lagoon protected by one of the red sea’s largest reef.

Inside this huge lagoon you have one of the best chances on our planet to meet wild dolphins.

Multiple pods of spinner dolphins takes satayah as their home , the pods together make 100+ spicemen


yoga & breathing on seyal island hamata

Abu galawa reef:

A huge reef system very rich in corals and marine life . the main attraction of the reef is tien Hsing wreck laying between 2-20 meters , making it suitable for snorkelers , free and scuba divers. The wreck is full of life as it is completely overgrown by healthy corals. Do not forget to look in the blue sometimes we our fin friends pathing by.




Berenice int. airport: 50 K.M

will be a game-changer when it starts

operating early 2023


Hurghada: 392 K.M


 Marsa Alam: 174 K.M

dolphins in satayah reef , Red sea

The islands:

4 prestine islands,visible from shore , makes a perfect stop on our first and last day on the trip. The islands are surrounded by crystal clear waters and pristine coral reefs

freediving in abu galawa wreck fury shoals


Suitable for freedivers & scuba divers

Malahy means the play ground , the reef is one of the healthiest and most interesting reefs in the red sea .

this a place that you just try to get lost in. canyouns caverns , pinnacles , swimthroughs ,coral gardens  all in one place. This is a reef that you can never get bored from


The best canyoun and cavern system in the red sea


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