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"Estar en el mar es una experiencia alegre en sí misma

Las actividades más sencillas y básicas, desde relajarse hasta socializar, desde leer un libro hasta darse un chapuzón, disfrutar de tu acompañante o disfrutar del sonido del silencio por ti mismo. Todos te sentirás mucho mejor junto al mar "



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Leisure & sailing

Being at the sea is a joyful experience in itself

The simplest and most basic activities from relaxing to socializing from reading a book to having a dip from enjoying your companion or enjoying the sound of silence by yourself All will feel much better by the sea


This is apnea paradise!!

Where else you would get  a 99% chance to encounter pods of dolphins in a lagoon

Not enough!!! We got drop offs , canyons,pinnacles all while being inside a fish soup and sometimes even a ferrytale creature called the dogung

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Yoga & spiritual

Simply A man can not find a better setting to disconnect.

The islands in the south are perfect due to the far less traffic of tourism than the northern Red Sea islands.

In-addition to the most intelligent creature on our planet "the dolphins" to connect with!!

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