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"This area of the red sea is unmatched to another and it  meets each and everyones taste , from small tropical islands with crystal clear waters to dolphin encounters in satayah & a diversity of pristine coral reefs"

How it Works

How is it  joining as a solo traveler ?

when we first started this project, we thought that most of our trips would be group booking & private charters. on the contrary more than 70% of our guests turned out to be solo travelers.

Being on a tight space with strangers would feel bizarre at the beginning but it always turned out to be epic and most of our guests became friends afterwards.

it is just magical how sharing the same passion with other people can be!!

how is the food ? can you accommodate special diets? 

we have a cook onboard providing the 3 meals and the snacks , our chefs are so experianced with sail boats , you will be amazed with their outcome from such a small space!!

A sample of our menu (please note that this is just a sample) 

In Egypt and the Maldives we operate in remote areas so specific diets need a previous notice in order we can meet them.

how to get there?


Hurghada international airport 4-5 hours from Hamata port.

Marsa alam international airport 2.5 hours from Hamata port.


Male international airport is just few minutes from the marina.

Aziab is not a travel agent , we are a yacht management certified company. flights is not in our scope but our team is always available for advises . few of our partner agents can help organizing and booking the flights . Enternal transportation can be managed and organized by our side upon requests.

who are the crew?

we usually go with the 3 crew in Egypt a captain, chef and a snorkel guide with emergency first response qualification following the Egyptian standards.

In the Maldives we sail with a captain and a chef always , and a guide depending on the route and the program.

In Greece we mostly sail with a skipper only , but a guide or a chef can be organized upon requests.

How is the weather?

The southern Egyptian Red Sea is great all year around, the minimum water temperature usually never drops below 22 degrees between February and march with air temperature lows never dropping under 16 degrees in the same period, while you would get plenty of sun light throw out the day and high temperature reaching around 25 degrees in winter months. Summer is pretty hot but usually dry with temperature reaching the higher end of the 30s during the day and the mid 20s during the night, water temperature between July and September is usually around 30 degrees!! 

in between the summer and winter seasons it's the perfect weather conditions but it bring the crowds to the sea too!!

Maldives has 2 main seasons the rainy season between may to october and the dry season between november and april.

in the rainy season there is a fair chance that it doesnot rain the full day but just an hour or two of showers .

the dry season is usually hot and humid with plenty of sunshine!!

throughout the year water tempreture is around 29-30 degrees.

what to bring?

A small backpack or a small bag 

sunglasses , towels , sunscreen .

a light jacket between November and April .

in Egypt , the boat is working on solar power , large electronic devices can not be charged onboard .

Is it a rough sail?

sailing is our way to reach and observe and enjoy unique nature but it is not the main objective of our trips.

in the Red Sea we usually cover 50 nautical miles through out the trip which makes more or less 6-8 hours of sailing through out the whole trip . we spend most of our trip in satayah dolphin reef since this is the highlight of the area . together with hamata islands, abu galawa reef , satayah they are perfect mooring areas , the reefs makes a perfect shelter for the boat making the experiance very relaxing and comfortable. The wind in this area of the red sea is usually between 12-18 knots , rarely exceeding 23 knots which makes a very nice breeze in the hot days , allowing us to sail without compromising comfort on the boat.

In the Maldives most of the sailing is done inside the atolls which protects us from the high ocean waves , actually it is usually flat , crossing between one atoll and another happens few times through the week but usually just for few hours each time. Maldives rarely experience any high wind with wind speeds under 10 knots through out the year.

on the other hand be prepared to cover a lot of nautical miles as the sailing area in the Maldives are much bigger, sometimes we do more than 300 nautical miles per week!! all in crystal clear waters!!

can we assist with pre and post accommodation and luxor trips?

Yes, sure.

we can help recommending different land based accommodations in case you would like to spend days on land before or after the trip.

we have a deal with the 3 eco-lodges of RED SEA DIVING SAFARI to accommodate our guests before or after the trips for special prices. 

check their website and get back to us to get the special rate.

Luxor trips: it is always a good chance to combine a sea trip with a lifetime experience of visiting the Historical Egyptian sites  for a few days trip or an overday trip to Luxor.

check pdf and contact us for further information.


Pick up the date
Check or contact us for the schedule.

Book the entire Yacht
Book the entire yacht for your private group.

Book a spot in a double room 
You can book a spot in a room for two persons with a private or shared bathroom. Bookings are based on the room availability on the Yacht at the time of reservation.

Book a single room
Book a solo spot for one person with a private or shared bathroom. Bookings are based on the rooms availability on the yacht at the time of reservation. You can choose to share your room with a new mate or privately for yourself.

What is Included?

All inclusive basis ( 3 meals, snack, soft drinks, tea, coffee, juices)
Professional Skipper
A cook

Free Diving
Navigation and sailing equipment
Water toys
Special day time activities
Water Maker ( desalination unit)
emergency first aid , sea sickness pills and oxygen tank.

what is not ? (available upon request for an extra cost)
freediving instructor
freediving equipment
yoga instructor
scuba equipment 
scuba instructor
transportation from & to the marina
private car entrance to marina

You should Bring: 
Your own Towels and toiletries
sunblock , alcoholic drinks and a camera!!


Terms & conditions

*CANCELLATION POLICY Amendments or cancellations: Amendments or cancellations of confirmed bookings should be emailed directly at the earliest opportunity to When this has been processed, you will receive a response within 24 hours, if this is not received, please resend your email.

*Cancellation of any equipment sourced by AZIAB SEAFARIS from a third party (i.e. wetsuit,bouys,weights,mask) must be received no later than 48 hours prior to your arrival. Failure to do so will incur a charge of 100% of the total rental cost.

*Trip cancellation: If you cancel: 

  • until  90 days before safari start 15 % of the complete price

  • 89. till 35. day before safari start 25 % of the complete price

  • 34. till 22. day before safari start 50 % of the complete price

  • 21. days till 15. day before safari start 70 % of the complete price

  • 14. day before safari start 90 % of the complete price

  • 7. day before safari starts or non-appearance 100% of the complete price

*For whole boat charters AZIAB SEAFARIS understand the changeable nature of group bookings. The Group Leader should keep AZIAB SEAFARIS informed if it looks unlikely that you will be able to fill the boat and every effort will be made to help you fill the charter.

*We reserve us the right to change terms and conditions resulting on any regulations or new rules coming from the government.


*In very rare cases of force major which happens in less than 2% of our trips as: navy exercises , extreme weather, sudden change in governmental laws or a problem on the boats that  can jeprodize the safety of the guests on the trip 

Aziab Seafaris is obliged to:

1.Make a full refund of the money

2.Guests are offered a 10% discount on their total receipts if they choose to stay on one of  RED SEA DIVING SAFARI locations.(depending on availability)

3.Guests to receive a 10% discount on any further trip.
*Itineraries &  Sites: All itineraries and  sites are subject to various unpredictable changes including weather conditions and changes in local government approval. Whilst AZIAB SEAFARIS make every effort, we cannot guarantee visiting specific sites. In adverse weather conditions the captain of the boat will have the final decision about which  sites to visit to ensure that the guests, staff and boats safety is not compromised in any way. If in the unfortunate event that sites are not reached due to weather conditions or other unforeseeable changes, AZIAB SEAFARIS will not offer a refund or compensation
Behaviour: Anti-social or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and individuals who cause a disturbance to other guests may be removed from the trip

Your Consent to accept our Terms and Conditions is required to proceed with your booking:
Why we need your consent to this agreement?
You are contracting with us outside of the country where you reside and we are established Egyptian Company with our management and assets held in those countries where we do comply with local laws, regulations and practices over the services we provide you with and these local laws, regulations and practices over the services we provide you with may be different from those where you live.

How we will use your consent to this agreement?
When you consent to accept this agreement, we will provide you with our services which are subject to these Terms and Conditions. By proceeding with your booking, you consent to these terms and conditions.
You have the right to refuse consent to accept our Terms and Conditions. If you refuse to consent to accept our Terms and Conditions, you should not
proceed with your booking.
Should you procced with your booking but later withdraw your consent to accept our Terms and Conditions. If later, you withdraw your consent to accept our Terms and Conditions the agreement between us will end as your consent and acceptance of our Terms and Conditions are precedent to us providing our services to you and cancellation charges will apply as per these Terms and Conditions.


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